Australian Red Cross Blood Service

When extracted, blood plasma is a yellow liquid that can help save lives in many different ways, from treating serious burns to treating cancer. At Cummins & Partners we had a brief to announce the launch of Australia’s first dedicated blood plasma donation centre at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service centre in Townsville.

We presented two ideas – both I’m quite proud of.

This is the idea that was made and seen online and all over Townsville.

It was all about local pride. Townsville have a lot of pride in their city and are especially proud of the talented people who have come from it. We tapped into the pride they would find out they have been selected to be Australia’s very first dedicated Plasma Centre.

redcross norman



I’m also proud of our second direction. It didn’t get made but I think it is a great idea.

We found that Townsville’s two big life saving clubs, The Picnic Bay and Arcadian Surf Life Saving Clubs, are already two of the area’s most popular volunteer groups. The new Plasma Centre will be its third, where you don’t need to be a strong swimmer to save lives – you just donate your plasma.



And as a bonus, here’s a radio script to compliment this direction.

redcross script

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