Coles Car Insurance

As Whippet’s head of copy, I looked over all the copy that came out for Coles Financial Services digital, outdoor and direct mail advertising. This included everything from big brand messages on billboards to upselling messages on customers’ bills.

It was incredibly busy, with often four eDMs, ten facebook ads and a few programmatic banners in production in the one week.

That’s why I needed to, as well as write most of this myself, train several of the designers how to write good copy. This teaching doesn’t really get into a folio like what you’re reading right now, but it is a part of my work that I was quite proud of.


It changes for lunchtime.


The digital campaign became a TVC from which we turned back into a facebook campaign


I came up with the ideas and wrote over 100 direct mail pieces like this one.



The brand’s most successful programmatic ad for the year

I also gave creative direction to Coles Insurance’s banners at the MCG for a few AFL seasons. It’s fun seeing your work at the footy!

Whippet – Coles Insurance MCG signage from Whippet Australia on Vimeo.


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