As head of copy at Whippet, I was responsible for all of the copy for flybuys, Australia’s favourite loyalty program.

We made everything for flybuys. Everything you see inside Coles, outdoors, online, social, brochures, direct mail, eDMs, and a monthly magazine (with a print run of millions!).

I was also behind several brand refreshes and the launch of sub brands like flybuys travel.

The flybuys brand is everywhere you look.


Working on flybuys meant lots of eDMs and direct mail, like these.




And I wrote lots of brochures, packed full of information.


Also edited and wrote the flybuys magazine.


Here’s a typical page 2 and 3 spread.


There were also little tactical campaigns…


And of course, DAWN! The idea to have Dawn in the campaign was predetermined by the client. I wrote copy like this, and helped out with some of the design direction.



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